With exclusive access to Ukrainian officials, soldiers and civilians, explore the human cost and strategic decisions made to save their most key city - Bakhmut - in the endless war with Russia. Premiered and available on 
Directors: Adam Desiderio, Ben C. Solomon
Local producer: Julia Kochetova

VICE NEWS Documentaries from war zone (2022-2023)

WOMEN IN SCIENCE (2021, 2023)
Documentary series about Ukrainian female scientists. The story revolves around Masha – a 15 years old girl who is in love with science and is at the point of deciding who she wants to be. Masha is our guide to the fascinating stories of four Ukrainian female scientists. Each story is a separate documentary video, and together they are combined into a documentary series. In each video, Masha asks scientists about their research, discoveries, hobbies, challenges on their path in STEM spheres as women, and how they overcame them.Masha is an embodiment of the new generation in need of role models to follow. These four videos are a short road movie into the world of Ukrainian science: starting from neurobiology and research on the ocean's internal waves to work with large predators and observation of sea giants.Сreated together with INSCIENCE, supported by UN Women, Ukrainian Cultural Fund and MacPaw.

Mountain Breeze is a 5-episode docu series about Crimean Tatars,
the visual portrait of home that they lost and trying to find again.

The only thing we want is to feel that we are needed.
Sometimes we want to scream about it.
A story of therapy in a group of sex workers.

IN BETWEEN (2017)They are three, they are 9,10 and 11 years old. Sasha, Masha and Kyryl are children in the challenging time.
There is “the separation line” near their childhood, the term that rushed into their lives.
The fourth summer in war between two armies and the feeling "on the other side".

Co-produced by Truth Hounds
Co-financed by Embassy of Finland in Ukraine

See You Later is a mantra, a declaration of love, and a testament to all those who are waiting and who, in the end, could not meet the ones they were waiting for. Commanders fill in a form for «planned casualties» before every military operation, but this story is about why you and I are still alive. It is an autobiography for two, where the war is not the most important thing.

See you later | Do skorogo | Teaser from Julia Kochetova on Vimeo.